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NutriChem – a compounding pharmacy and laboratory – has been helping people take control of their health with individually designed solutions for over 30 years.
They don’t believe in using the typical cookie-cutter approach and they will never provide you with a temporary “band-aid” solution.
Your health is their passion and as such NutriChem will use research, individual testing and education to help you overcome your depression in a safe and natural way.
Instead of being treated like everyone else, why not try a company focused on individualized, drug-free and natural health solutions.
NutriChem’s holistic approach to your health will not only be a breath of fresh air but will take your health to the next level.

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The Holistic Approach to Depression

The Holistic Approach to Depression


Body Chemistry Balancing

At NutriChem, we focus on the ENTIRE picture by assessing and evaluating your WHOLE health.

The Body Chemistry Balancing Test includes over 60 laboratory measurements including hormones, thyroid function, iron and vitamin levels, energy production, etc. Combining this extensive test with an in depth health questionnaire and mood assessment ensures that we get to the root of your depression.

Whenever possible we utilize science-based approaches to  promote non-drug solutions, however, we will work within the limitations of any existing medication therapy.

To learn more about the Body Chemistry Balancing Test, feel free to download the fact sheet below.

Body Chemistry Balancing – Report

If you would like more information about NutriChem’s holistic approach to depression, please call our Biomedical Clinic at 613-721-3669 or fill out the form below

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8 Ways to Boost Your Mood!

It isn’t easy keeping your spirits high but there are a few things you can do on a regular basis to help battle the blues.

Simple changes to your daily routine, such as exercising and eating protein for breakfast will go a long way in lifting your spirits. Take a moment to read all 8 Mood Boosting Tips.

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